Frequently Asked Questions
Q 1
Are products tested?

Where products are designed to carry loads, they are tested in our Laboratory after every batch run.

Q 2
Are products traceable?

Modfix has certification under AS/NZS ISO 9001.2000. All bagged products have a unique batch number, allowing traceability of machinery, operators, timing and raw materials.
Q 3
Are there testing standards?

Although there are no specific standards, Modfix conducts in-house testing to assure quality.
Q 4
Can products be stored out doors?

Plastics will deteriorate in sunlight over prolonged periods of time.

Most reinforcement is placed and poured over a few days, which normally would not create a problem. Where products are exposed for weeks on end, deterioration may occur.

Q 5
Are there minimum quantity requirements?

Quantities less than one pallet are ex our factory. Mixed pallets may incur additional packing charges.
Q 6
Are bulk orders only available on pallets?

If advised prior to production, products can be supplied loose in bulk bales. Alternatively, separate bags can be picked up.
Q 7
Are plastic products stronger than other materials on the market?

Depending on the design of the product, Modfix, has a number of products capable of carrying higher loads than other materials. .
Q 8
Does Modfix have stockists?

Stockists are located in all States of Australia. Please call us on: or email: for a stockist closest to you..
Q 9
Why use plastic products?

They are relatively light weight, won't deteriorate once concrete has been poured, have no rust problems, can be designed for multiple applications, have load carrying capacity, are available in colours to suit various applications and are relatively inexpensive.
Q 10
Can Modfix service major contracts or multi-national companies?

Modfix currently supplies a major share of the Australian market as well as overseas markets.
Q 11
Can I modify an existing product or have a completely new product?

Depending on the design, a simple modification could be made to an existing die, which would be relatively cheap and quick. On the other hand, new tooling can also be developed with quotations for design, manufacture and product mouldings on request.
Q 12
How can I stock pallets, with limited storage space?

Our products are uniformly packed into bags and those bags are packed into pallets, so that they are firm and square on all sides. This allows pallets to be safely stacked on-top of each other, reducing the amount of floor space required.
  Packing Shims
Q 13
I can’t identify products in bags once the pallets have been opened!

All bags have a pre-printed label with the product code, quantity per bag and a unique batch number.
Q 14
How do I know your raw material is not inferior?

Apart from testing the finished products, we maintain a preferred suppliers list as part of our quality endorsement. These suppliers must have a proven track record and must supply documentation that meets our specification. Failure to meet our requirements will lead to the material being rejected.
Q 15
Are products tested externally?

Where high loads are required beyond the capacity of our in-house facilities, they are conducted externally. For example, our packing shims are load tested to Australian standard requirements by external testing authorities.
Q 16
Why use Modfix?

Modfix has an impeccable history and is a financially strong company with in-house tooling and testing facilities. Although competitive, we will not compromise quality and stand by the products that we produce.

On top of the vast range of products, we are constantly modifying and developing new products to meet market demands. But above all, we are a small team of flexible people dedicated to servicing other people – YOU!



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